Lectures – J. Berezovsky, E. Capriotti, Ł. Huminiecki

Dear All,

We have the pleasure to invite you to participate in the lectures organized within the framework of the KNOW – Poznań RNA Research Centre project held by:

–  “Roles of protein tunnels and channels within a complex   framework of the cell: ligand transport pathways unveiled”, held by J. Brezovesky Ph.D.,
–  “Computational methods for predicting genotype/phenotype relationships”, held by E. Capriotti Ph.D.
–  “More is more: a simple metric of promoter architecture”, held by Ł. Humuniecki Ph.D.

The lecture will take place at the Faculty of Biology of Adam Mickiewicz University, Umultowska 89, on Monday, September  the 12th, 2016, at 10.00 in the lecture hall
Sala Rady Wydziału

Your sincerely,

on behalf of the KNOW Poznań RNA Research Centre
Prof. Zofia Szweykowska-Kulińska and Prof. Marek Figlerowicz