In 2011, a new Act on Higher Education created a possibility to establish the most prestigious status of KNOW – Leading National Research Centre. This status, assigned through competition, can only be given to institutions carrying out scientific research at the highest level and providing PhD studies of the highest quality. Till now 6 KNOW centres have been named in exact sciences (mathematics, chemistry, physics) and medical sciences. In 2014, 4 new KNOW centres have been named in natural sciences, and in agriculture, forestry and veterinary sciences. On May 15th, The Poznań RNA Research Centre consisting of the Faculty of Biology, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań and the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences, received KNOW status in biological sciences for 5 years. This status is closely related with additional state funds aimed at improving the quality of science and education. Up to 50 million Polish zlotys will be transferred from the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education to the Poznań RNA Research Centre. The money will support various aspects of RNA research from basic research on RNA metabolism, through more applied studies on RNA viruses and the role of RNA in cancer and inherited diseases and their therapies, up to the development of bioinformatics tools allowing advanced structure-function studies.

Four new research groups will be created. Moreover, the Centre will open a new international school for PhD students. For young scientists from other scientific institutions a special fund will be created to provide financial support for training in RNA research techniques. All information about the recruitment of new group leaders as well as details on our international PhD program will be announced soon on the newly created Poznań RNA Centre webpage. All young scientists are welcome to apply!